ClanForge News

· Broken clanforge uploads
· Rust update issue [Fixed]
· Conan Servers : Unable to start
· [Issue] Uploads and Server Signatures unavailable.
· Rust RCON Maintenance
· ARK update issue
· Seattle Servers
· Clanpay Issues
· Steam Auth Servers
· Conan update Issue [Fixed]

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FAQ: Server commands

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) >Server commands
Command /helpCommand /shelp
Command /help
Available commands

To see how many players are online

Previous chat entries (20)

Control access to your doors

Show time and time played


Learn about the leaderboards
Command /shelp
Show your personal stats kds + zombies

Show available leaderboard commands

Leaderboard commands below

Top 10 killers
/ranking killers

Top 10 for player deaths

/ranking deaths

Top 10 zombie killers
/ranking zombies

Top 10 player suicides
/ranking suicides
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