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Server info
This server is running Oxide and has a focus on limited military drops and crafting.
We aim for a slower pace so it can be longer periods between server wipes and also limit stacking of c4s.

Possible future addons
Money system, gain gold from killing animals for ex.
Restrict items due to money system, so you have to buy some items
To place bounties
Maybe arena


Drops every hours
Min players for drop: 10

Blocked for researching, crafting, blueprints and is now only droppable from airdrops.
This is because we dont want the game to be about who has the most C4 and stacking
loads of heaps of weapons. We hope this will lead to more fighting for resources and drops.

Now be extra careful when you get your precious M4 Smile

Bolt Action Rifle
Explosive Charge
Kevlar Pants
Kevlar Vest
Kevlar Helmet
Kevlar Boots
Rad Suit Helmet
Rad Suit Vest
Rad Suit Pants
Rad Suit Boots
Metal Pillar
Metal Foundation
Metal Wall
Metal Window
Metal Stairs
Metal Ramp
Metal Ceiling
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