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Here is a new swedish [EU] modded server located in Stockholm. The name is from an old precious
Counterstrike Source server with really nice swedish folks :D which now R.I.P therefore we thought we
could resurrect the name again and perhaps get some awesome ppl to come and play.

This server is running Oxide and has a focus on limited military drops and crafting.
We aim for a slower pace so it can be longer periods between server wipes and also limit stacking of c4s.
Read more about the details in the forum.

Here is ip adress

You can find us in modded server list
Multiplay :: Swedish Inferno [EU]

Try join with F1
Type net.connect

We hope we could get a full server and there is only 50 slots.

You are welcome to join we are mostly swedish vikings at the moment,
feel free to join and donate too keep the server running :)

Starcraft tournment

New mod Human Condition

Rolling out new mod, slower drops and teching

Human Condition

Server status

About server crash @
16:14:06 clanforge_auto
Stopped using profile 'Oxide'
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